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Over 100,000 different chemicals are used worldwide for the production of everyday objects. Some are harmful to people and the environment. The EU regulates the handling of chemical substances since 2007 by the chemicals Regulation REACH. Special attention is given to so-called "particularly worrying substances".

The EU-sponsored "Life AskREACH" project is intended to sensitize the population, trade and industry to these substances in everyday objects throughout the EU. Main tool is a smartphone app. It is intended to inform consumers about such substances and to send inquiries to suppliers.

In order to make the reach consumer law more popular in the European population, the German Federal Environmental Agency, together with 20 project partners from 13 EU member States, is launching the EU Life Project AskREACH.

Chemicals and industrial pollution


Heidrun Fammler
Tel.: 049 40/5330 7075

Project Partners

20 Partners from 13 EU-Memberstates

Projekt duration

09/2017 - 08/2022


This  Project is financed by the European Union Program LIVE