Despite many years of efforts for reduction of emissions of hazardous substances to the Baltic Sea a number of groups of priority hazardous substances and specific pollutants are still being released to the environment. While industrial sources of hazardous substances in wastewaters have a solid framework regulating emissions, a majority of small scale emitters (SMEs, private households, municipal entities) cannot be efficiently regulated and controlled as most facilities are not subject to authorisation under EU or national environmental legislation. However a number of previous projects and researches have indicated that small scale emitters are responsible for the majority of the pollution load for a number of priority substances into the urban waters. NonHazCity project is a joined effort of 18 partner organizations to demonstrate the possibilities to reduce emissions of priority hazardous substances from small scale emitters that cannot be reached by traditional enforcement techniques. The project will address the emitters directly and try to reduce the consumption of priority hazardous substances at the source.

Project activities

Testing and mapping emissions of hazardous substances will be performed in the partner cities. Small scale emitters that have the highest potential to reduce the consumption of the priority hazardous substances will be identified and addressed by various means, adopted for each specific target group. Municipal authorities and their structures themselves will carry out own substance reduction measures at their premises. The main goal in the cooperation with the municipalities will be to change the public procurement practices. Private small scale businesses will be motivated to conclude voluntary commitments and improve their product assortment with the help of expert partners and in cooperation with municipal authorities. A public awareness campaign targeting private households will be developed. The households will be shown their hazardous substance emission share, and will learn how to make a better informed choice in order to protect Baltic Sea environment and their own health.

Environment and health


Heidrun Fammler
Deputy project manager
Tel.: 040/5330 7075

Project Partners

17 other partners from municipal administrations, NGOs and research organisations around the Baltic Sea


This project is supported by the INTERREG Baltic Sea Region programme. NonHazCity has be designated as a Flagship project of this programme.