Good Governance and acceptance of predator control measures

The project aims to investigate socio-cultural and institutional conditions for the emergence of acceptance towards measures of predator control, and to support appropriate possibilities of participation in this area. It will focus on the relationship between normative requirements, such as participation and acceptance, and the structural conditions of the institutional nature conservation in Germany. It will draw on the experience of BEF Germany from  investigating acceptance towards predator control measures on two East Frisian islands within the context of the LIFE Nature project "Meadowbirds".

The project will extend the previous approach, so that in addition to the cultural, social and psychological conditions for the acceptance of local stakeholders, the structural conditions of various conservation institutions will also be considered. The purpose of this extension is to identify participation opportunities that match the room for maneuver of the responsible nature conservation institutions, and support an effective participation of relevant stakeholders. To this end, the project team accompanies concrete implementation measures of six different organisations in Northern Germany, and will give back its results to optimize the respective processes. The project will lead to a guide for nature conservation institutions to prepare for corresponding processes.

Project activities

  • stakeholder dialog in personal talks and round tables
  • comparative multi-level governance analysis in all target areas
  • in-process analysis of participation and acceptance barriers for local stakeholders; social network analyses
  • conducting of a feedback-seminar for responsible nature conservation institutions



The book "Prädationsmanagement. Ein Leitfaden für Naturschützer und Interessierte" (in German) was prepared during this project. An electronic copy of the book is available on the DBU website.

Prädationsmanagement. Ein Leitfaden für Naturschützer und Interessierte

Nature conservation and biodiversity


Heidrun Fammler
Tel.: 040/5330 7075

Project duration

02/2015 –06/ 2017



This project is co-financed by the German Federal Environmental Foundation.