About the Baltic Environmental Forum Germany

BEF Germany was founded in 2003 as well and is situated in Hamburg. By statute BEF Germany aims at promoting, environmental protection in the Baltic Sea region but also in the Hamburg metropolitan region and in other regions of South and Eastern Europe, such as the Balkan states.

Specifically, it promotes environmental management in the fields of administration, business and other institutions, the implementation of EU environmental legislation and policies, the development of competence in the field for environmental protection in institutions, pressure groups and other associations, environmental protection workshops, environmental management training, project work as well as safe-guarding the interests of the environment in national and international committees.

Last but not least BEF Germany brings western political science and sociological expertise to add up on the environmental knowledge of the Baltic BEF team and support their work becoming more political - the tasks are to develop target group assessments and policy performance evaluation tools.

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BEF Statutes
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