Climate adaptation in Croatia (CroAdapt1 and 2)

Many EU member states have developed their adaptation strategies to climate change. In Croatia, the newest EU member state, the issue of adaptation to climate change is a relatively new topic and hardly any work has been done on adaptation to climate change - neither on national level nor on regional or local level.
In cooperation with the Regional Environmental Center (REC) Croatia, the BEF would like to support the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection of the Republic of Croatia in kicking-off national adaptation policy. As a first step, BEF and REC will organise a national round table with experts. This round table shall be used to kick-off information distribution and awareness raising of local and regional stakeholders on anticipated climate change impacts in Croatia, as well as on adaptation options at local level. The round table shall furthermore be used to get a first feedback from regional and local stakeholders for defining priority areas for the national strategy.

In a second step BEF and REC will organise round tables in 7 regions of Croatia, inviting local and regional stakeholders to discuss changes and challenges of climate change and the need for adaptation. Furthermore, BEF and REC will support the Ministry of Environment of Croatia in provinding information about adaptation to climate change for their website.

Project activities

  • Round-table on climate adaptation in Croatia in January 2014 with experts from Croatia and abroad
  • Elaboration of a country brief with recommendations for adaptation on regional level in Croatia
  • 6 regional round tables on adaptation to climate change
  • Adaptation dialogue in the region of Slavonia with 3 seminars
  • Providing information for the public

Picture: Lovro Rumiha

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Matthias Grätz
Project Manager
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Project Partners

Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe Croatia

Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection, Republic of Croatia (MENP)


This project is supported by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment,
Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and the German Federal Environment Agency.