Using ecological construction materials in new, energy efficient buildings in the Baltic States

This project is a next step of the Baltic Environmental Forum (BEF) Group to encourage energy saving and environmentally sound construction of buildings in the Baltic States. The overall project goal is to stimulate the application of ecologically sound construction, insulation and finishing materials in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania through: 1) information gathering and demonstration; 2) training stakeholders; 3) educating consumers and last but not least 4) strengthening local capacities of experts among the BEF network with regard to the previous mentioned topics.

Activities in the project

  • Background information research, expert meetings
  • Demonstration of how to build a building with high ecological and energy efficient standards (data modelling, assessment of results)
  • Preparation of a publication for general public
  • Elaboration of a training manual and training of Baltic experts

Target groups of the project

Professional stakeholders (e.g., architects, engineers, craftsmen); specialists – key experts from educational institutions; other stakeholders (e.g. resellers, professional associations, non-governmental organisations); general public (consumers)


Modeling of buildings using conventional and ecological materials. Evaluation of the eco-performance of buildings (Report by the Austrian Institute for Healthy and Ecological Building, IBO, commissioned by BEF, 2010
PDF - 4 MB

Report from the study visit to Berlin (April 2010, English)
PDF -295 KB


Presentations of the seminar on ecologic construction materials in Riga (November 2010)

Please note, that the size of presentations is up to 4.5 MB.

1 Introduction to the project (Daina Indriksone, BEF Latvia)
PDF - 176 KB

2 Overview and introduction to the topic (Matthias Grätz, BEF Germany)
PDF - 1.3 MB

3 Modeling of buildings using conventional and ecological materials (Robert Stanek, IBO, Austria)
PDF - 2.3 MB

Additional pdf on assessment principle of the life cycle provided by IBO
PDF - 86 KB

Additional pdf about the calculation guidelines for OI3 provided by IBO
PDF - 123 KB

4 First passive house in Latvia: Process and experience (Ervins Kraukis, "Krauklis Grende", Latvia)
PDF - 5.1 MB

5 Healthy inner climate and practical examples of natural materials in constructions (Sven Aluste, Equilibre NPO und Kermo Jürmann, Säästvad Ehituslahendused LLC, Estonia)
PDF - 4.4 MB

6 Practical examples using natural eco-materials for energy efficient and sustainable building in Lithuania (Dalius Jurevičius, Association of Straw Bale Builders, Lithuania)
PDF - 4.3 MB


Presentations from the training on energy efficiency and ecologic materials (December 2010)

This training was organised in cooperation with the project INTENSE ( statt.

1 Biomass and bio-energy (Ülo Kask, Tallinn University of Technology)
PDF - 2.2 MB

2 Photovoltaic power generation the buildings. Building integrated photovoltaic – BIPV (Rimvydas Motiekaitis, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University)
PDF - 3.9 MB

3 Heating and domestic hot water (Siim Link, Tallinn University of Technology)
PDF - 2.9 MB

4 Cooling and ventilation (Dziugaite Vaicaitis, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University)
PDF - 1.2 MB

5 Insulation of buildings and thermal bridges (Anatolijs Borodiņecs, Riga Technical University)
PDF - 2 MB

6 Ecomaterials - Aspect for consideration (Daina Indriksone, BEF Latvia)
PDF - 1.2 MB

7 Most common myths and reality related ecological materials (Irina Aļeksejeva, BEF Latvia)
PDF - 414 KB

8 Eco wool (Attention: In Latvian! Kaspars Dzeguze, RB Projektu Birojs Ltd.)
PDF - 1.3 MB

Energy and climate change


Matthias Grätz
Project manager
Tel.: 040/5330 7076
Fax.: 040/5330 7084

Project duration

08/2009 – 03/2011

Project Partners

  • BEF Latvia (project lead)
  • BEF Estonia
  • BEF Lithuania



This project is supported by the German Federal Foundation for the Environment.

The project has been endorsed by the European Commission's Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign as an Official Partner.