Capacity building on EU Environmental legislation for local and regional self-government in Croatia and Macedonia

Having in mind experiences from the previous accession rounds to the European Union which brought a lot of changes for the work of regional and local self-government, the project is based on a successful forerunner in Latvia which has been covering almost every aspect of European Union environmental legislation and its practical implementation since 2002. The concept of the project is to train experts in the target countries in order to enable them to bring the understanding of the EU as such and its legal principles and the legislation to the staff of local and regional self-government in their own language.

Therefore the objectives of the project are:

  • To build up capacities in local organizations on EU environmental legislation, to prepare training materials in local language and to prepare information materials specially adjusted to the needs of local communities and regional authorities in Croatia and Macedonia.
  • Thus strengthening them and preparing them better for a future EU membership of their own countries.
  • To provide not only a general overview of the EU and its complex setting, but also to look more deeply into selected topics, providing practical information and examples on how to come from legal theory to local reality.


Activities in the project

  • Training the trainers on general fundamental issues of the European Union
  • Training the trainers on European waste and water legislation focussing on the needs for local and regional self-government
  • Information days for local and regional authorities
  • In depth information seminars on selected topics for local and regional authorities.
  • Developing information material for local and regional self-government in local languages


Target groups

Our project addresses staff from local and regional administrations who are dealing with the environment and related topics. EU accession may not only bring the expanded opportunities for the people to trade, travel, work and find exchange more easily across the continent. EU accession for administration brings fundamental changes to their work processes and this across the whole range of policies. The need to find information and process information quickly and to be prepared to implement the new legislation is most important. The participation in information days and topic seminars is an ideal chance to get to know the most important issues and to go into discussion with colleagues from EU member countries, which share their experiences in these events.


Basic principles of EU environmental legislation (Croatian version) EU i zaštita okoliša: Okolišna politika Europske unije
PDF - 1.6 MB

EU water policy and municipal water managemt (Croatian version) EU i zaštita okoliša: Upravljanje vodama na lokalnoj razini
PDF - 1.5 MB

EU waste policy and municipal waste management (Croatian version) EU i zaštita okoliša: Gospodarenje otpadom na lokalnoj razini
PDF - 1.9 MB

Energy-smart urban planning (Croatian version) Energetski prihvatljivo urbanističko planiranje
PDF - 3.2 MB

Practical handbook of environmental legislation (for Macedonia) Практичен Водич низ Законодавството за Животна Средина; Doracak praktik nëpër kornizën ligjore për ambientin jetësor
PDF - 7.7 MB

The IPPC directive of the EC and its implementation on municipal level (for Macedonia) Интегрирано спречување и контрола на загадувањето: Политики на Европска унија и нивна имплементација на локално ниво; Parandalimi dhe kontrolli i integruar i ndotjes - Politikat e Unionit Evropian dhe implementimi i tyre në nivel lokal
PDF - 4.3 MB

EU waste policy and waste management on municipal level (for Macedonia) Политиката на ЕУ за отпадот и нејзината имплементација во општините; Politika e BE për mbeturinat dhe implementimi i saj në komuna
PDF - 1.9 MB

Water and water management


Philipp Engewald
Project manager
Tel.: 040 5330 7075
Fax.: 040 5330 7084

Project duration

02/2007 – 07/2009

Project Partners

  • BEF Latvia
  • REC Croatia
  • Osjecki Zeleni
  • REC Macedonia
  • Balkan Foundation for Sustainable Development



This project is supported by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, the Federal Environment Agency, the European Commission and the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency of the Republic of Croatia.