Waste management in Macedonia

Like in many other member states of the European Union, in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, local authorities are responsible for the organization of waste management.In the frame of the approximation process for EU membership as well as the National Waste Management Strategy it is foreseen to establish regional waste management bodies to support local authorities to jointly manage the organizational tasks more efficiently and effectively. Inter-municipal cooperation is still new for local administrations in Macedonia, where an intermediate regional administrative level does not exist and there are many open questions particularly regarding experiences with public-private partnership models and establishing a environmentally sound waste management system through this form of partnership.During a preceding project to support local authorities in Croatia and Macedonia in building capacities on EU environmental legislation identified the establishment of a regional waste management system as a future challenge for Macedonian local self-government.The new project shall give Macedonian municipal waste experts the opportunity to make use of the experiences made in the young EU Member State Latvia as well as benefit from the knowledge of German colleagues from local authorities.

Activities in the project

Supporting Macedonia in establishing a regional waste management system is the overall objective of the project. During two missions to the country, German and Latvian experts will discuss cost-efficient technological and organizational options, recycling, recovery and avoidance of waste and thus deepen the information exchange between experts from the three countries.The missions shall also facilitate the development of a set of organizational, technical and legal recommendations for a future regional waste management system. The project partners receive additional support from the German Association of Cities and Towns (Deutscher Städtetag) and the Latvian Association of Waste Management Companies.

Target groups of the project

Administrations in Macedonia



Waste management


Philipp Engewald
Project manager
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Fax.: 040 5330 7084

Project duration

12/2009 – 08/2010

Project Partners

  • BEF Latvia
  • REC Macedonia



This project is supported by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety und Federal Environment Agency.