LIFE AskREACH: our new project on chemicals has started

On 1st September 2017, the five-year LIFE AskREACH project leaded by Germany´s Federal Environment Office started.

On 1st September 2017, the five-year LIFE AskREACH project started. The project is leaded by Germany´s Federal Environment Office and Baltic Environmental Forum Germany will take over the project management and international networking.
LIFE AskREACH kick-off meeting took place from 18.08.2017 till 21.09.2017 in the wonderful natural surroundings of Wandlitz (Berlin, Germany). During the kick-off meeting, the 20 different partners (DE, DK, SE, LV, PL, CZ, AT, LU, FR, ES, PT, HR, GR) of all Europe corners discussed about EU chemicals policy, REACH article 33 (1), content project, and of course, about  the future app and database, among other issues.
But what is LIFE AskREACH exactly about? LIFE AskREACH has the overall goal to enhance substitution of SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern) in articles by increasing the market demand for SVHC free articles and supporting industrial actors to identify SVHC in their articles.
The specific objectives of the project are:
•    Raising consumer awareness on SVHC in articles,
•    Raising awareness and compliance of article suppliers on SVHC in articles and communication obligations under REACH,
•    Facilitating communication on SVHC between consumers and companies,
•    Initiating and guiding supply chain communication processes that finally aim at substituting SVHC in articles.
As mentioned before, LIFE AskREACH will develop a Europe-wide app for consumers to launch requests according to REACH Art. 33. The app will be connected to a database with information on SVHC in articles, thereby easing and speeding up the responses by the article suppliers. In addition, a supply chain communication tool for companies to increase their competencies and capacities to comply with REACH will be adapted and promoted.
Are you interested to participate or receive more information?
Our website is in development and will be active in February 2018, www.askreach.eu