Latest info on the INTENSE project

The project INTENSE (From Estonia till Croatia: Intelligent Energy Saving Measures for Municipal housing in Central and Eastern European Countries) is sucessfully moving forward. After the preparatory steps and a first very successful seminar on energy efficient settlement planning, the project will soon enter the most important phase of the project: Our partner municipalities will need to be creative and develop own ideas and mini projects dealing with energy efficient settlement planning. To prepare our project partners for this task, BEF Germany, in cooperation with Auraplan and REC Croatia and REC Slovakia, has organised two study tours through Germany. The participants from Central and Eastern Europe had the chance to visit good examples in the Hanover region, in Münster, Frankfurt am Main and Freiburg. More information and reports about the study visits can be found on the INTENSE homepage which has meanwhile gone online:

Contact the country coordinator Germany if you have any futher questions on the INTENSE project: Matthias Grätz.