Learn more about the long-lasting relationship between humans and the sea!

Project ResponSEAble launches a webinar series on June 14th!

We humans need the sea on a daily basis - even if we do not live in their close proximity. The world oceans provide us with food, regulate the climate, transport our goods over far distances and invite us to relax on their coastlines.

But what do we know about the conditions of marine ecosystems?
What do we know about the necessity to protect the oceans?

With the upcoming webinar series, the project ResponSEAble wants to encourage Europeans to take a closer interest in their seas and to treat them with greater respect.

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•    June 14th, 2018:
        How do we change behaviour: can better information help…or not?
•    September 13th, 2018:
        Children and the oceans: opportunities and challenges for ocean education
•    October 11th, 2018:
        Linking the oceans to our consumption habits: opportunities and challenges of consumers literacy
•    November 8th, 2018:      
        Connecting business to our oceans: opportunities and challenges of ocean literacy for economic actors
•    December 6th, 2018:      
        Ensuring sustainable Blue Growth: opportunities and challenges of ocean literacy for policy makers
•    January 17th, 2019:        
        Think, Hope, Change: assessing effectiveness of ocean literacy tools
•    February, 2019:              
        Supporting the strengthening of a wider European Ocean Literacy initiative

Find more information here:

Webpage links: https://www.responseable.eu/news/the-responseable-webinars
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Iamresponseable/
Twitter page: https://twitter.com/Respon_SEA_ble